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For the remainder, RankSpirit functions on a principle extremely close to the existing tools and will not upset much your practices:

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Free tools processing
  The logo of the free service comprises a code which collects information and sends them to a page located on the site of the free service.   Information is stored in a data base located on the site of the free service.   The data is processed on the server of the free service to obtain a synthesis and an interpretation from it.   You consult the result of the analysis on the site of the free service.


RankSpirit processing
  Each page of your site comprises a small code which collects information and sends them to a page located on YOUR site.   This page records information in a simple text file located on YOUR site.   On your request, RankSpirit downloads the text file, processes the data and presents them to you.  

In both cases, a small code located in each one of your pages makes it possible to collect information on your visitors: type of screen, operating system, navigator used, hour and date of visit, duration of the visit, country of origin, etc.

RankSpirit uses a very similar code to those of the free system but innovate in the way of computing and presenting the data: you are now autonomous, you preserve the integrality of your PageRank and your site is not slowed down any more by the communication with an external site.

RankSpirit also offers more complete results than those of the other systems: paths of the visitors, visits of the robots, etc.

RankSpirit enables you to examine the activity of your site in a snap: you do not have to wait any more until the processing of your data is carried out by an external service. The update of information can be done as many time as you want in a day, allowing you to follow the effects of your promotions minute after minute!

You will find below a list of questions frequently asked about RankSpirit before its installation. Other questions (and answers) appear in our FAQ page (Frequent Asked Questions).

How to install RankSpirit ?

Download RankSpirit. Launch it and follow instructions. All the installation process is automatic and very simple to follow.

Is it compatible with a non-dedicated server?

- Yes. Your host only needs to support PHP.

Is there a software to install onto the server?

- No. But you'll have to modify all the pages of your site. This is quite quick and simple because RankSpirit can make this operation automatically. It can also restore automatically your pages. Get details about the code installed into the pages.

Does my computer need to stay on and connected to get the results?

- No. Informations about visits are stored on your server until RankSpirit read them.
- RankSpirit read these infos when you decide to. It does'nt need to run permanently or to stay connected.

What is the code which must be installed into my pages?

The informations analyzed by RankSpirit result partly from a small code written in Javascript which you will have to include in each one of your pages between the <Body> and </Body> tags.

This operation can be automatically executed by the "Installation" command of RankSpirit.

<!-- RankSpirit Code //-->
<script language="JavaScript1.1" type="text/javascript">
LRef = document.referrer; LDate = new Date();
LConc = '<img width="0" height="0" border="0" src="log.php?';
LConc += '&hl=' + LDate.getHours() + 'x' + LDate.getMinutes() + 'x' + LDate.getSeconds();
{LScreen=screen;LConc +='&r=' + LScreen.width + 'x' + LScreen.height + 'x' + LScreen.pixelDepth + 'x' + LScreen.colorDepth;}
document.write(LConc + '&ref=' + LRef.replace(/[<>"]/g, '').replace(/&/g, '$') + '"Zapman">');
<!-- End of RankSpirit Code //-->

If you wish to know more, here are some explanations about this code:


The document.referrer value gets a copy of the address bar of the browser when the visitor lauch your page. It thus generally contains the address of the preceding site. It is thanks to this value that RankSpirit identifies the link which guided the Net surfers towards your page as well as the search engines used and even the key words typed in these engines. You can do the experiment by yourself: launch Google and type "test" in the research field. You will notice that the address bar now contains something like: "".

This magic variable has however a limit: if the Net surfer arrives on your site by using "Open in a new window", you will not know from where he comes. RankSpirit can thus recover only part of the links and of the used engines. This part is however sufficient to have a good idea of who are your "referrers".

local date

LDate.getHours() LDate.getMinutes() LDate.getSeconds() quite simply gives the hour of the visitor's machine. It is thanks to this value that RankSpirit knows the local times of connection.

surfer screen

screen contains various informations about the resolution and the number of colors of the visitor's machine. It is thanks to this variable that RankSpirit can work out statistics about the equipments of your visitors.

When a Net surfer visits your page, this code is automatically run on his computer. It collects the data stated above and sends them to the page named "log.php".

The "log.php" page is provided with the installation kit of RankSpirit and must be copied at the root of your site. It contains the following code:

<?php MajLog() ; ?>
function MajLog()
$ref = "";
$user = "" ;
if (isset($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']))
$user = $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'];
if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']))

$dtime = date('Y/m/d * g:i:s a');

if($ref == ""){
$ref = "None";
if($user == ""){
$user = "None";

$entry_line = "$dtime * $ip * $agent * $uri * $ref * $user";
$fp = fopen("logs.txt", "a");
fputs($fp, $entry_line);
fputs($fp, "\n");


If you wish to know more, here are some explanations about this code:


The $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] gives information regarding the operating system and the type of navigator used by the Net surfers. It is thanks to this variable that RankSpirit can supplement its statistics about the equipment of your visitors

request url

$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] gives back the string transmitted by our small preceding Javascript code.

remote adr

$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR]contains the IP address of the visitor. RankSpirit uses this address to determine from which countries the visitor comes.

http referrer

$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] contains the name of the page being visited.

server date

date('Y/m/d * g:i:s a') returns hour and date of the server.

Informations generated by this page are recorded onto your site in a text file named "log.txt".

When you ask RankSpirit to update the data, it downloads this file and erases it from your server.


Try RankSpirit, Download the demo version!!!

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