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Find out who visits your site and which pages are browsed.

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To optimize your Web site and to know how the Net surfers visit it and perceive it, a web traffic analyzer is essential.

This type of tool enables you to know:

Number of visitors How many visitors come day after day

Country mesurement What countries they are from

Referrer Which links lead them to your site

Keywords list Which search engines guide them towards your site and which keywords enable them to find you.

Technical infos What are the operating systems, browsers and types of screens that your visitors are equiped with.

Visits infos What is the average duration of the visits, how many pages are seen per visit.

Excellent free tools, dedicated to web traffic, are available. They enable you to consult your results on their host sites.

Unfortunately, their way of collecting and consulting information includes several disadvantages which we wished to cure:


Alien logo These free tools usually impose the presence of their logos on each one of your pages.

lost time The loading of this logo, and the sending of the collected data, slow down - sometimes in a considerable way - the loading of your pages.

xiti If the site of the free service encounters a problem, it can generate an error preventing the consultation of your pages.

pagerank lost Your PageRank is partly redirected towards the free service's site. This characteristic makes you lose places in the classification of the search engines results. This famous PageRank is so invaluable that one can regard this point as one of the major disadvantage of this type of service.

no path Although most of these free tools are quite complete, they do not offer all the results that it is possible to deduce from the collected informations (in particular the paths used by visitors).

too long The access to each page of result being done on line, the daily consultation of all the results is a little tiresome.

Unfortunately, the paying versions of these products do not solve the majority of these disadvantages.

ADVANTAGES of RankSpirit :

RankSpirit was designed to:

clean Remove ALL these disadvantages.

autonomous Make you autonomous.

more complete Offer you more functionalities.

quick Offer a faster, a more aesthetic and a more practical interface than those of the existing tools.

To know some more about the technical aspect of RankSpirit, click HERE.

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