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auteurYou’re an author? You have written articles about web site design or referencing? You want to improve your notoriety?

Why would'nt you publish your articles on our site?

If your articles have a good quality and match to the topics of this site, our columns are widely open for you. You will get in return 2 links towards your site:

- one link on the top of the page as: "Author of the article :"
- one link at the bottom of the page as: "Source of the article :"

Simply send us your article (or a link toward it, if it is yet published on another site) using the following email adress:

Thank you to notice the following limitations:

Publication conditionsOur editorial staff is the only judge to decide if your articles correspond to our leading line and can be published on our site.
RemunerationThe publications on are not remunerated
Delay We do not guarantee a time of publication
Withdrawing right An article published can be deleted at any time, with our only suitability and without notice.

You can publish articles which are already publicated on other sites. You must absolutely be the author of the proposed articles.

You can also publish your free or paying softwares on our site.

See you soon!

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