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Why be statisfied with little when you can have much?

The original design of RankSpirit offers many advantages to you:
Without logo

No alien logo on your pages.

Without loss of time

No deceleration in the loading of your pages

Without loss of pagerank

A very, quick and simple automated installation


An instant follow-up of your visits: you can recover your "fresh" information as often as you wish in the course of the day and track each step of your visitors


A very fast consultation of the results. The consultation is done directly from YOUR computer. You switch from one page to the other, from one period to another, in a snap.


An aesthetic, practical and elegant interface. Each page gathers all the suitable results for a given topic. A pie synthesizes all the most significant results. No more need to sail in all the directions to have a synthesis.

Global presentation

An assessment at the head of page which summarizes essential informations: numbers of seen pages, visits, visitors, significant visits, number of pages by visits, average duration of the visits.

Make you autonomous

A complete autonomy. You do not depend any more on anything. Pay RankSpirit once, and you owe nothing to nobody. You do NOT have to pay monthly or annual subscription.

Make Money

A multisite management. Only one specimen of RankSpirit enables you to manage as many sites as you wish. If you are a professional webmaster, nothing prevents you from managing information of your customers and from invoicing this service to them.

Visitor path

A follow-up of the path of each visitor: after having chosen your visitors according to their country, to their equipment, the link which led them on your site or to any other parameter, you can follow their paths step by step on your site.

Robot path

A follow-up of the visits of the robots. You know when and who indexed you in order to better manage your updates and your referencing.


An exceptional "intelligence": RankSpirit is able to decode the syntax of more than 680 search engines in order to extract the key words which enable the Net surfers to discover your site. No information is lost.

Page infos

An indication of the average duration of visit for each page. This indication, seldom provided by other systems, enables you to know which are the pages of your site which meet the most success and interest.

Exportation of logs

A complete detail of connections. RankSpirit has nothing to hide! If you wish to treat your data by yourself to extract some new results, you can export them towards the spreadsheet of your choice.


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